Q. Our IT system has gone down, can you prepare the relevant paperwork for us?
A. No problem. In addition, we can provide all the information you need to get your stock records back on line.
Q. We have a customer desperate for a delivery tomorrow morning – can you sort it out for us?
A. Of course. We can arrange picking, packing, transport and the necessary paperwork, including signed proof of delivery, all at very short notice.
Q. Our lorry is running late, will you still be able to get it unloaded tonight?
A. We understand that things don't always to go to plan, which is why we're committed to doing our very best to accommodate every situation. So don't be afraid to ask for help if your circumstances change.
Q. I need to do a stock take. Can you help?
A. We know our customers will need to take a stock count from time to time and we’re more than happy to help. Our stock systems are kept live and up to date and we can carry out counts to ensure everything tally’s up on your behalf.
Q. Our customer needs to return some stock, can you arrange collection?
A. Certainly. We’ll book the collection and inspect the goods on arrival. Providing the goods aren’t faulty we can put them back into stock or await further instruction.
Q. How safe will my goods be?
A. Incredibly safe. Our trained security team are on site 24-hours a day, and CCTV surveillance ensures your goods are always monitored.
Q. I'm planning to go travelling – can I store personal household items with you while I'm away?
A. Unfortunately not. We only work with businesses and do not offer private storage.
Q. Will I have to sign a minimum term contract?
A. No. To keep our services as straightforward and flexible as possible, we work on a week-to-week basis. This means that you only need to give us one week's notice of your intention to move your goods elsewhere.