In 2006, the founding team at Pallet Hotel identified an opportunity to bridge the gap between local storage providers and logistics multi-nationals.

Our intention was to offer an all-inclusive warehousing solution that local businesses could relate to, combined with the specialist services to support stock management and nationwide distribution. The ultimate goal was to create a distinct and valuable mix of big business capability and local business service.

Management invested in infrastructure to support the storage facilities and established simple, competitive pricing models to deliver the hassle-free service customers demanded. It proved popular amongst local retailers as a solution to bulk storage, stock management and outlet supply.

We’ve grown considerably since then, but three things remain steadfast in our DNA: simplicity, personal service and client control. Our pricing is simple and we never over complicate an operation; your account will be assigned a ‘principal rep’ who knows your process inside out and our live systems and stock reporting will ensure you maintain complete control of your operation.

What do we do?

Today we run operations at multiple sites in the UK, with more than 200,000 square feet of storage space dedicated to specialist business warehousing. We’ve established simple pricing models and an all-inclusive range of services to support our operation including handling, storage, stock control and freight management.

Some of our clients run an entire operation with us and maintain control of what comes in and what goes out, others use our services as a solution to bulk storage or as a distribution hub for stock allocation. Our services are as flexible as our approach and this ability to meet the specific demands of each customer has seen us process a diverse range of products

What makes us different?

All of our sites are supported by a functional business unit. At each location, we have a team of managers, operatives and problem solvers experienced in running complex operations. They allow us to punch above our weight and offer services and facilities comparable to a much larger organisation, whether it be specialist IT support, hospitality and conference suites or favourable shipping rates based on the scale of our operation.

Why Pallet Hotel?

After 10 years in business – and with opportunities to expand in more locations – we opted for a fresh identity that would define our brand and distinct range of all-inclusive services.

While ‘Pallet’ represents the industrial B2B side of our business, ‘Hotel’ may seem a little fanciful. But we like to think the similarities extend way beyond a place for pallets to stay. Our all-inclusive model, simple pricing and hassle-free experience all draw inspiration from the hospitality industry; goods are checked-in on arrival and out on departure with additional services like parking, internet access and conference facilities available to make your stay all the more satisfying…so we hope you enjoy your stay!